The Easy Franchising of Marranzano

Marranzano opens the doors to a whole new world, dedicated to the made in Sicily and does so with an innovative and simplified formula, the one of Easy Franchising.

In addition to the online sale of typical Marranzano brand products, there will be many novelties that will revolutionize the catering industry in Sicily and around the world.

The goal is to combine the most modern European Fast Food culture with the ancient tradition of Sicilian “street” cooking. 

To do this, Marranzano offers an affiliate circuit made up of direct selling points.

The Franchising of Marranzano aims to promote street food culture and typical Sicilian products with a network of catering shops where you can taste of Sicilian deli as in a real Fast Food.

But the news is not over. Easy Franchising has three elements: the Exhibition Corner, Kiosk and  mobile Cart.

Innovative project

Quality products

Professional support

Why choose the Marrazano’s Franchising?

Our Franchising is born from a long-standing management experience and from the development of a company know-how able to offer services dedicated to franchisees who chose to be part of our project.

No industry experience required;


Minimum investment for the realization of the premises and to ensure the start of the business;


Low staff management costs;


A constant and customized support from a Marketing Area made up of communication professionals and marketing experts, which will ensure online and offline growth of business;


An innovative format dedicated to Sicilian gastronomic tradition;


A state-of-the-art system based on new cold technologies;


Uniformity and standardization of product quality for all franchisees;

Marranzano will guide you choosing, creating and managing the venue, providing initial advice and ongoing support to every franchisee.